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7th Annual International Law Enforcement Seminar

Tuesday September 19, 2000
Oswego State University



Officer Sherwood
09/20/2000 08:20
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Constable Brent Giles
Bagpiper from Ontario Provincial Police
09/20/2000 08:23
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Opening Procession
led by Constable Brent Giles
Piper from Ontario Provincial Police
09/20/2000 08:44
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Opening Procession
Officer Sherwood bearing the flag
Oswego State University Police
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Lyndon Slewidge
Constable, Ontario Provincial Police
Singing the National Anthems
09/20/2000 08:46
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Opening Ceremony
09/20/2000 08:51
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Opening Ceremony
09/20/2000 08:53
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Don Webb
Sergeant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Kingston, Ontario
09/20/2000 08:54
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Dennis N. Hawthorn, Sr.
Oswego County District Attorney
09/20/2000 08:55
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James McHahon
Superintendent, NYS Police
09/20/2000 08:59
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Jeffrey Geddes
Superintendent, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
09/20/2000 09:15
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Richard Deering
Chief Superintendent, Ontario Provincial Police
09/20/2000 09:21
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Alex Hunter
District Attorney
Boulder, Colorado
09/20/2000 09:27
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Dale Linton
Inspector, Ontario Provincial Police
09/20/2000 11:57
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