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The House

Contrary people that we are, having retired, we sold our small house and bought a big one.
We now own a house in Rome, NY.

The house is a grand old place built in 1898 with hardwood floors and a wood paneled entry way with a big winding stairway.
There is even a large stained glass window on the stairway landing. The three zone hot water furnace should
keep us warm in the winter and the slate roof will help keep us cool in the summer.
There are five rooms and a full bath on the second floor. A double living room, formal dining room, large kitchen,
and a full bath fill the first floor. The full basement and the walk in attic will give us
plenty of storage space.

It is located on the NW corner of West Liberty Street (running E-W) and Expense Street (running N-S). It faces South toward West Liberty Street.
The driveway and two car garage are on the street in the rear, Hanicker Ave. The lot is 63 x 180 feet.



The front and East side (looking NW)
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0DSCN4346 Thumbnail
The East side from Expense St. (looking W)
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DSCN4342 Thumbnail
The back (looking SW)
the garage is out of the frame to the right
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West side and front (looking NE)
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Looking South
down the driveway and past the garage
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The backyard (looking SW)
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The front yard
looking North
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Wide angle looking West across Expense Street
showing both the house and garage
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The Back of the House
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The Foyer
looking from the exterior door
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DSCN4460 Thumbnail
The Foyer
looking toward the exterior door
to the right is the cedar closet
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The Living Room
viewed from the Dining Room
the Parlor is to the right
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DSCN4463 Thumbnail
The Parlor
the Living Room is in the background
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The Dining Room
the walls don't really curve
I used a wide angle lens and got fish eye effect
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DSCN4465 Thumbnail
The Kitchen
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The Upper Stairwell
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The Master Bedroom
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The Sarah's Bedroom
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The Attic
Barb is coming out of the finished room at the front of the house.
She says we can have barn dances in the attic.
The water stains are old. We checked it out during a severe storm and found no leakage.
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Navigation Map


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