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Rural Churches in Central New York



Rt 176
Scriba, NY
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DSCN0363 Thumbnail
Sacred Heart
Roman Catholic
Co Rt 176
Scriba, NY
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DSCN0366 Thumbnail
Mt Pleasant United Methodist
Co Rt 45
Volney, NY
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Mt Pleasant United Methodist
Co Rt 45
Volney, NY
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DSCN0368 Thumbnail
Our Saviour Lutheran Church
LC-MS (now vacant)
W 3rd St
Fulton, NY
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Prince of Peace
Volney, NY
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Bristol Hill Congregational
United Church of Christ
St Rt 3
Volney, NY
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DSCN0376 Thumbnail
Palermo United Methodist
Palermo, NY
47526 bytes
DSCN0379 Thumbnail
United Methodist
Co Rt 6
North Volney, NY
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DSCN0385 Thumbnail
United Methodist Church
Lycoming, NY
06/23/2000 12:48
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DSCN0557 Thumbnail
Jewel Baptist Chapel
Jewel, NY
06/24/2000 19:11
112718 bytes
DSCN0563 Thumbnail
Bernhards Bay Community
United Methodist Church
Bernhards Bay, NY
06/24/2000 19:22
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DSCN0565 Thumbnail
Oswego Center
United Methodist Church
Oswego Center, NY
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DSCN0649 Thumbnail
Southwest Oswego
Baptist Church
Southwest Oswego, NY
07/06/2000 16:11
92937 bytes
DSCN0662 Thumbnail
Southwest Oswego
United Methodist Church
Southwest Oswego, NY
07/06/2000 16:14
113082 bytes
DSCN0663 Thumbnail
St. Joseph's Chapel
Catholic Church
Southwest Oswego, NY
07/06/2000 16:20
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Caughdenoy United Methodist Church
Caughdenoy, NY
08/22/2000 14:25
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DSCN0949 Thumbnail
Carley's Mills
Community House
(I'm not sure if this ever was a church.)
Hastings, NY
08/22/2000 14:48
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DSCN0953 Thumbnail
Erie Canal Village
Rome, NY
09/03/2000 14:19
62287 bytes
DSCN1026 Thumbnail
First Universalist Church
Central Square, NY
03/10/2001 13:49
147868 bytes
DSCN1297 Thumbnail
Central Baptist Church
Hastings, NY
03/10/2001 14:04
104567 bytes
DSCN1301 Thumbnail
vacant church
Altmar, NY
07/20/2001 16:33
136502 bytes
DSCN2122 Thumbnail
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Sylvan Beach, NY
07/21/2001 19:01
153993 bytes
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