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Water Tower

These photos are from Allen's trip to Lyberia Africa.

It was a mission trip with four goals: erect a wind turbine to generate electricity, erect a water tower, place a pump in the well to supply the water tower,
all with the final goal of providing running water in the Guest House as well as providing water on tap for the local community. All of the goals were met.

The Trinity Guest House Project of Rev. Peter Saie of Trinity Lutheran Church, Utica, NY is an endeavor to provide a safe, comfortable place for missionaries to stay
in the area. The Guest House has five apartments. One apartment is finished, one is almost finished, and three are shells.



Floor Plan for Each Apartment
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Guest House North Side
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Archie and his son relaxing in a wheel barrow.
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Chicken Vendor
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Clothing Distribution
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Elizabeth Harvesting Cassava
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A lizard common in the area.
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A spider common in the area.
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Spider Thumbnail
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Water Tower
Allen went up to make the connections to the tank.
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Wind Turbine
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